Our Story

A Legacy of Quality

Fine, hand-crafted metal products since 1979

Our manufacturing facilities are located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in the beautiful, small town of Easton. Many of our designs are inspired by tableware created by early American silversmiths. Today, our highly skilled artisans reinvent those traditional pieces in order to create the timeless metal items you see in our line.

How it’s made

True Craftmanship

Everyone at Salisbury works hard at perfecting their craft to create the fine metal pieces you see in our lines. Here’s a little introduction to our metal crafting processes, our craftspeople, and the roles they play in producing your cherished items.


Meet Our Artisans

Working hard to create gifts that last a lifetime

Salisbury is a family owned company of proud and dedicated artisans who recognize the importance of preserving our heritage while creating new and exciting products that are sure to become tomorrow’s treasured heirlooms.  Our latest mission is happily blending up tradition, adding a modern twist, and coming up with a new take on gifts for every stage of life. We take pride in the products we create for you and we sincerely hope you and your family enjoy them for a very long time.

The vote is in

A White House Tradition

Salisbury’s presidential affiliation traces back to President Reagan and continues today. As an American Manufacturer based only an hour from Washington, D.C., we pride ourselves on supporting our country and leaders. We recognize the importance of preserving our heritage and creating precious heirlooms that will become a piece of American history.