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  1. Glass Dip Bowl

    Glass Dip Bowl

    This simple and classic glass dip bowl is a beautiful accompaniment to our Petals Tray!

    6 1/2" diameter

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    Price: $12.00
  2. Large Petals Tray 15”

    Large Petals Tray 15”

    Can you feel the sunshine? Celebrate Mother Nature’s grandeur with this stunning, radiant centerpiece.

    15" diameter

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    Price: $92.00
  3. Petal-Shaped Bowl

    Petal-Shaped Bowl

    Surround your creations in spring blooms whatever the season. The uniquely graceful flower petal sides of this cast aluminum bowl are perfect for lighter fare.

    12" diameter x 4"

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    Price: $92.00
  4. Petals Bowl 12"

    Petals Bowl 12"

    The delicacy of our signature flower petal design has enough depth to handle more substantial fare with this lovely cast aluminum Petals bowl.

    12.5" diameter x 3.5" 

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    Price: $77.00
  5. Petals Cheese Board

    Petals Cheese Board

    Please the eye while whetting the appetite. Features beautiful cast pewter blossoms affixed to a fine maple cheese board. Learn More
    Price: $55.00
  6. Petals Napkin Weight

    Petals Napkin Weight

    Add this sweet petals napkin weight to the napkin box of your choice or use it by itself to hold down napkins or paper! Learn More
    Price: $18.50
  7. Petals Salad Spoon and Fork

    Petals Salad Spoon and Fork

    Airy and graceful with a gentle slope and perfect balance. These cast aluminum petals salad turners are the ideal serving companion.

    3" W x 12" L

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    Price: $36.00
  8. Petals Tray 12"

    Petals Tray 12"

    The bright spirit of summer bursts forth when you present your cuisine on this elegant cast aluminum petals tray.

    12" diameter x 2"

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    Price: $70.00
  9. Petals Wine Coaster

    Petals Wine Coaster

    A fragrant bouquet deserves a floral base. This graceful cast aluminum wine coaster with cork base and raised sides will hold your favorite bottle with style. 8" diameter x 2"

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    Price: $38.00
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9 Item(s)